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LinkS-wap FREE Service for Wap Sites

You have a wap site? You plan to build a wap site? (What is wap? ) How are people going to get to it? You think they will painfully peck out your url with their thumb on a numeric keypad? Think again.

LinkS-wap can bring thousands of people a day to your site in one click. It lets you exchange links with similar sites. It also lets you analyze where your users are coming from.

Have a look by clicking here (this runs a Wap emulator), or using your mobile phone ( ou

How does it work?

By putting some simple lines of WML on your wap site, you link to similar sites and they link to yours. You are trading links. The ad banner on your site will rotate by itself, showing visitors a different related site each time. At the same time, your ad is being shown on other related sites. It is not difficult to implement. You simply cut and paste the same code everywhere. Best of all - for personal or small business wap sites this service is absolutely FREE. When you get bigger and more successful, fees will apply.

Is it really free?

This service is free under the following conditions:

If Not?

Otherwise, we'll request a fee to continue promoting your site.

If you want to charge for advertising banners, no problem. Some of our customers will pay. We'll put those customers’ banners on your site. Or, if you already have specific sponsors in mind, you can arrange your own sponsors. We'll just charge a fixed fee and produce the reports as a neutral third party.

If you would like a larger size banner, they are available at an extra fee. Sizes available are : 88x24, 88x31, 96x24, 96x31, 96x40 If you would like, we can produce a banner or even a wap page for you, for instance one that dials your number.

Advantages and Special Features

How do I get started?

Try it out. Your first month is always free.

Contact us by email: We will ask you to send us a wbmp banner 88x16 (or less) and your url, as well as a few words about your site. Our phone is (613)238-3690
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