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RES International Inc.

RES International Inc. was incorporated in 1980 to provide consulting services. Through its consulting work RES had proprietary rights to certain software products it had developed. One of these products was RES-Reach™, a tool to build secure applications on the World Wide Web (WWW) or Internet. In the mid 1990's the company recognized that electronic commerce was one of the fastest growing segments of Internet service and decided to develop products for electronic commerce using RES-Reach™.

RES Inc. is focused on electronic commerce, with five product offerings, RES Cybermall, RES Purchaser, RES Catalog, RES-Reach™ and Ad-Plus.

RES Cybermall is the solution for Business to Consumer commerce while RES Purchaser is the solution for Business to Business commerce. RES Catalog is a catalog creation and management tool that integrates with both RES Cybermall and RES Purchaser. RES-Reach™ bridges the gap between the World Wide Web browsers and database management systems. Ad-Plus allows you to optimize banner advertising. The full suite can be combined to build an Electronic Commerce service center.

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