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Effective banner advertising can be very expensive. This product lets you combine many ads into a single banner, save money and tracks the effectiveness of ads in detail.

Banner advertising is the usual method for attracting potential buyers to a Web site. The user sees an attractive banner image, clicks on it, and is taken to that company's web page. Sophisticated advertisers also count the ratio of how often the ad was shown to how often someone clicked. Banner advertising rates for popular Internet sites are very high. Web traffic is sparsely distributed, so that banners are required in a large number of sites to draw users to your site. Most ads are wasted even when they get users' attention because users tend to be focused in what they are looking for. Because ads are designed to be shown at random and minimize repetition of the same ad to thesame person, ads can not be stored, they must be repeated.

RES has developed ingenious technology that allows ads to be shared. For the cost of a single banner ad, many related ads can point to different web sites depending where exactly on the ad the user clicked. For instance, an ad about new cars can mention several brand names or several place names. When the user clicks on a given brand or place, he can be taken to the appropriate web site or the appropriate page of the web site.

A database tracks who clicked on what part of the ad and where they saw the ad. The product AD-Plus can be integrated into the user identification method of the target web site, allowing the ad to be tracked to a buying decision. In fact, in combination with the RES Cybermall, this could be used to put an item directly into the shopping basket with a time-limited offer.

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