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The $499,000 solution

Implementing a client/server system with multiple sites usually means distributing software to all possible users, establishing Wide-Area-Network connectivity, paying for licenses to the database systems, the networks, the run-time systems, and then worrying about managing all these systems and about users with other operating systems.

The $499 solution

RES-Reach™ lets you develop sophisticated database applications, with forms, button, hypertext, password checking and encription. Your users connect using one of many free front ends available for all popular platforms. You use existing or free database software, exisiting or free Internet access software.

RES-Reach™ works with popular WWW servers, both commercial and free ones. RES-Reach™ associates forms and buttons on ordinary Web pages with database queries, using a template you specify. It translates data input by a remote user into a database query, and formats the results. This could be formatted text, a table, hypertext, a document or image, or a form for follow-up queries.

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