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RES Cybermall RES Cybermall

RES Cybermall is oriented to the needs of the retail customer and enriched by an offering of information services. RES Cybermall is designed to be operated as a business by Internet service providers, independent telephone and cable companies, financial institutions, and organizations oriented to a region or community. It is a community-based 'One-Stop' solution for shopping and information services requirements of the general public through the Internet.

RES Cybermall can be part of a "portal" site. The sponsor one might give access to community services such as Newspapers, Weather Service, Chat Lines, Sports, Business Directories, and the Shopping Mall. The Shopping Mall displays logos of merchants who purchase ads, and gives the customer a direct link to merchant catalogs for shopping. Searching for goods and services is flexible, providing links to local, regional, and national merchants. Web catalogs are maintained by merchants on their own site. Supplier or merchant catalogs can be in a variety of formats; no software is needed by customers, and most popular Web browsers are supported.

Security is state-of-the-art: Merchants do not see the customer's credit card number, only an authorization code. Secure payment options are supported such as CyberCash, Touchnet* , SSL, etc.

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